Max Conveyor GTB

  • Zub_54890

Sprocket kits for GTB-K

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v= 0.5/1.8/6.3/19.9 m/min, z=11/15, v= 0.7/2.5/8.7/27.1 m/min, z=15/15, v= 0.9/3.2/ m/min, z=15/19, v= 1.1/39.6 m/min, z=13/19, v= 1.3/4.5/15.1/47.9 m/min, z=13/23, v= 0.6/2.1 m/min, z=11/13, v= 4.1/13.9 m/min, z=13/21, v= 7.5/31.3 m/min, z=13/15, v= 11.3 m/min, z=13/17, v= 56.6 m/min, z=11/23

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