Our conveyors are configurable in different lengths and widths. The products are based on many years of experience and are known for their high quality in almost every industry.

Transport Systems

The transport systems consist of conveyors, on which the individual workpiece carriers run. The modular system makes it possible to implement the automation process step-by-step.

Special Conveyors

The product range is supplemented by special conveyors in different versions, all of which can be changed according to our customer requirements.

Profile System

Quick-Set is a profile system that is in 3 sizes and has cross-product compatibility and flexibility. Its proven dovetail system permits rapid, uncomplicated assembly of all Montech products.

Montech Configurator



Multitrack Conveyor

The multitrack conveyor can carry large workpieces with weights of up to 120 kg...

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Angled Ascending Conveyor for Plastic Industry

For one of our customers in the plastic industry we have produced an angled asce..

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Conveyor TB40: Plug & Play

“Plug & Play” is one of the most important features of the conveyor TB40..

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Christmas Video

It's Christmas soon and we would like you to get in the mood for Christmas. Mont..

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Cleanroom Conveyor

Montech has extensive experience as a conveyor supplier for the medical and phar..

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