Chassis width: 500 mm
Length: 2200 mm


as of August 1, 2016


as of August 1, 2016

Company Product Product description Price EUR Delivery time Warranty Configurator CAD Data
Conveyor TB40 TB40 is available in six different widths frm 300 to 800 mm and lengths between 1 and 6 meters. The conveyor TB40 is very compact as a result of the motor incorporated into the drive shaft. It is driven by a 24 V motor.
Thanks to the modular construction TB40 can easily be adapted to specific customer requirements.
1.901,33 2-3 weeks 3 years
Max Conveyor GTB The max conveyor GTB is available in seven different widths from 200 to 800 mm and a length up to 10 meters. GTB is driven by a 230/400 V spur gear motor (end or center drive). Depending on the amount of available space, the end drive version can be fitted above or below the belt. The center drive can be placed at any location. 1.922,36 2-3 weeks 2 years
C8N Highest quality and a wide range of conveyor belts as well as great flexibility in drive options and positions. The available speed ranges from 2.6 to 67 m/min. 1.941,21 2 weeks 2 years
Belt Conveyor 90 1.984,00 3-5 weeks 1 year  
Flat Belt Conveyor GAL-25 With its extremely small deflecting roller of only 30 mm diameter it is specially well suited for transport of small items, that have to move from one belt to the next.
It is also available in a magnetic version with a belt width of up to 200 mm. In this version the frame is magnetic, not the belt. The driving and deflecting roller are also non-magnetic.
2.154,00 2-3 days 2 years    
Conveyor 90 Conveyor for heavy , high-volume components 2.213,00 2-3 weeks 1 year  
Conveyor System MSK 2.240,00 2-3 weeks 2 years
GUF-P 2000 The GUF-P 2000 unit is extremely versatile, thanks to its large selection of drives, tails, stands and belt types. The mk 2000 profile serves as the basis; this ensures a high load-bearing capacity and a torsion-resistant construction. The system is optionally available with standing or rolling knife edge. 2.833,60 2-3 weeks 2 years

*Price without packaging, without transport