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Do you know how versatile Quick-Set is?

Quick-Set is an integral part of our product range. But are you aware of how versatile it is? Quick-Set can be used to build portable workstations, mobile platforms, safety enclosures, or even furniture. Plus, Quick-Set makes it easy to assemble, disassemble and customize whenever necessary. What can Quick-Set do for you?

19th July, 2018|Overview News|

Tell us what you think!

We appreciate customer feedback! “Montech’s transfer system LT40 looks great, and we are really impressed with the build quality.” Marius Botha, Industrial Designer of DetNet Ltd. in South Africa.

18th July, 2018|Overview News|

Serpentine Conveyor – System with six belts

Serpentine conveyors are a compact, cost-effective solution when you have a large number or various types of products to move and only a small space in which to operate. This system features six belt conveyors in two alternating lengths running side-by-side – but powered by only a single center drive. Read more here.

16th July, 2018|Overview News|

Find Quick-Set Online Anytime!

The Quick-Set profile system is an universal, modular mounting and framework support system that is compatible with all Montech products. Quick-Set’s proven dovetail design can be adjusted easily and quickly – without drilling, pinning or adapter plates – and ensures a precise, highly resilient and vibration-resistant connection between Montech conveyor components. View our Quick-Set video […]

13th July, 2018|Overview News|

The Needs of Cosmetics Manufacturers

The global cosmetics market was estimated at $532 billion USD in 2017 and is expected to reach $805 billion USD by 2023. To achieve these revenues, cosmetics manufacturers depend on production equipment to operate as expected. This BTB-185 conveyor is equipped with a mesh belt and a collection tub for catching any excess material that […]

10th July, 2018|Overview News|

A conveyor “off the shelf?”

If you need a relatively standard conveyor solution, then our online configurator is a good place to start. Simply input the conveyor’s specifications. When you are finished, you can add your conveyor to the cart, generate a PDF of the CAD drawing and a parts and price list. Think of it as buying your conveyor […]

5th July, 2018|Overview News|

Conveyor with corrugated sidewall belt

Transporting even the smallest parts is no problem for this GTB-200 conveyor. The secret is in the belt. Only 6 in (157 mm) wide, it features cleats and corrugated sidewalls that keep parts in place as they are transported up to 24.6 ft/min (7.5 m/min). Read more about the GTB-200 conveyor here.

3rd July, 2018|Overview News|

Controlled Growth

With manufacturing increasing across the country, the importance of conveyor and sorting systems goes beyond material handling, directly affecting the growth of your business and profits. Watch this video to learn more about it: (Courtesy of the Conveyor & Sortation Systems industry group with MHI.)

2nd July, 2018|Overview News|

Our Conveyor TB30

You can find extensive information about our conveyors and spare parts on our website. In fact, you can even order a complete TB30 conveyor with brushless DC-motor – online in our Shop. Choose between seven different widths (45 to 250 mm), five different standard lengths (1000 to 3000 mm) and two drives (head or center […]

28th June, 2018|Overview News|

June’s Bestseller!

We have a winner! The article “Link with clamping screw” from our profile system Quick-Set was the bestselling part for the month of June. Find out more about this popular product here.

27th June, 2018|Overview News|

Split-Chassis Conveyor for Contoured Parts

Many electronics manufacturers produce parts that are oddly shaped or otherwise difficult to accommodate on a standard conveyor. Montech’s double-belt mini conveyor features a split chassis that easily transports parts with contours or features that protrude above or below the belt. Read more about this solution and others for the electronics manufacturing industry on our […]

26th June, 2018|Overview News|

Where is Montech on the Web?

At Montech, we share information about our company, products and services in several ways — our website, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. From detailed specifications about our transfer systems to fun facts about conveyors, we work hard to communicate with our customers. So bookmark our website, give us a Google, follow us on LinkedIn, […]

20th June, 2018|Overview News|

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