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Two Days till Launch..

We are 48 hours away from launching our new website! Sleeker, faster and more responsive, it also features a new configurator tool and E-Shop. You will need to register on our new site if you previously had an account on our old site. Be sure to visit!

25th September, 2018|Overview News|

Planning for 2019

Budgets, inventory, capital equipment — 2019 planning is underway. What about your conveyor system? Is it time to replace wear items or restock your inventory of critical parts? Are you ready to invest in or add to a production line? We can help! Contact us to learn more.

24th September, 2018|Overview News|

The Countdown Begins…

To the launch of our new website! When you enter www.montech.com on September 27, you will experience a faster, updated and more fully responsive website with a new configurator that is easier to use. We’re excited and we hope you will be, too!

20th September, 2018|Overview News|

Conveyors Make Theater Debut

Theater Marie in Aarau used two Montech GTB-700M conveyors in their production “Gatsby.” The conveyors transported people and material onstage as part of the performance. In one scene, soapy water was poured onto the conveyor to create a bubblebath. From the factory to the stage, Montech has a conveyor solution for you!

19th September, 2018|Overview News|

Montech is Growing!

We are pleased to announce the addition of three new project engineers – Welcome to Montech! The new team members will undergo several weeks of orientation and training before developing custom solutions with our customers here and in the US. Currently we are looking for a project leader for our sales department. Would you like […]

17th September, 2018|Overview News|

Roller Conveyors Go with the Flow

While there are live powered roller conveyors available, gravity roller conveyors are one of the most economical and durable transport solutions. These flexible systems are easily customized and can be equipped with height-adjustable floor stands. You can learn more here.

13th September, 2018|Overview News|

Multi-Track Conveyor for Small Parts

Montechs TB-140 conveyor features three high-quality stainless steel lateral guides that divide the single anti-static belt into four tracks. Each track is 20 mm wide and 14 mm high and securely and safely transports parts. Read more here.

11th September, 2018|Overview News|

Learn more about Montechs V-Conveyor

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most efficient: Two minidrive conveyors are configured into a V shape with a 90° angle. The design accommodates products of various sizes and automatically self-centers them on the conveyor, placing them in the correct position. Read more here.

5th September, 2018|Overview News|

Solution for Space-Saving Transport

Floor space can be scarce in a manufacturing facility. This vacuum conveyor solution is configured to provide overhead transport of adhesive bandages. A vacuum storage device compensates for fluctuations in the suction capacity. The customer-specified motor is mounted to the belt via a drive connection.

4th September, 2018|Overview News|

Happy Labor Day!

Our US office is closed today and will reopen on Tuesday, September 4. Our Swiss office is open. We wish you all a happy Labor Day!

3rd September, 2018|Overview News|

Set Direction, Speed with MonTurn

Montech’s TB40 conveyor equipped with a MonTurn control unit is a complete solution for stand-alone applications. MonTurn allows an operator to set the direction of travel and conveying speed. No additional control is needed. Easily mounted directly onto the conveyor, MonTurn can be purchased with a 24 V DC switching power supply, all of which […]

30th August, 2018|Overview News|

Pharmaceuticals: Efficient Conveying Solutions

Whether it’s developing and manufacturing medications or packaging pharmaceutical drugs, Montech has custom conveyor solutions that transport pharmaceuticals so the highest safety and quality standards are met. Some of them are also cleanroom certified to class ISO5. Read the successful projects we’ve completed for our pharmaceutical customers, and then contact us to learn more about […]

28th August, 2018|Overview News|

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