According to the regulation (EG) 640/2009 for the implementation of the Ecodesign Guidelines 2005/32/EGonly electro motors with IE3 efficiency can be brought to the EU-market since the beginning of 2017.That means that the requirements for economical engines are increasing constantly.

The motors of the conveyors TB30 and TB40 and the Transfer System LT40 are efficiency-optimized drives and are thereby energy efficient. They do not only meet the EU minimal requirements of efficiency class IE3, they are significantly better than the Super Premium Efficiency class IE4 which is planned for the future.

Product Rated Output Effiency Efficiency incl. power supply Motor
Conveyor TB40 0,25 KW 85% 80% Integrated, brushless 24V  DC motor
Conveyor TB30 0,12 KW 83% 78% Brushless DC Motor
Transfer System LT40 0,09 KW 75% 71% Integrated, brushless 24V DC Motor