We, the Swiss, are known for our precision. And that is not by accident.

Our company, which was founded in 1963, has its roots in the watch industry, and to this very day, the proverbial precision of Swiss watches can be found in our products.  We strive to go to the limits of what’s doable and even to exceed these limits with innovative solutions – this is an aspiration we pursue with passion.  The way in which we enjoy creating advanced solutions, and the quality of your services and products is part of our character.


Double inspections are not an exception here; they are our commitment.

Thanks to our typically Swiss precision, a single final inspection would already be sufficient for our products. But sharing the good feeling we have when we give perfect components their blessing for shipping is something that we like to share with several coworkers. We just can’t help it.
We also apply our idea of quality to our service. In addition to providing individualized advice, we also support our clients throughout the course of their entire project.


We like to blaze new trails so that you can get ahead.

Challenging problems only make us work harder. Together with our clients, our technicians and engineers work on developing creative solutions that boldly face the specific requirements. Here, we prefer to leave established perspectives behind, opening our thinking up to new approaches.Our specialists are very experienced in implementing custom systems with flexibility and speed, enabling you to create an optimum of added value.


You will profit from our crucial resource – our employees.

Many a smart thing has already been said about how important good employees are. We know that a company’s value essentially depends on the qualification and motivation of each individual. This is why we focus intently on providing the framework conditions that allow our employees to grow in their area of expertise and to provide exceptional performance.
Our products and you too, of course, profit from our team’s strong identification with our company. Our employees’ tight bond with Montech does, despite all of our Swiss modesty, also make us feel a bit proud.


We are always on time. This is just how we tick.

And when it comes to meeting our deadlines, we cannot get past our Swiss nature, either. We stand behind our commitments, and we keep them.
The fact that we are emphasizing this so much here is because we get positive feedback from our clients about our time management. In the competition, time has become a measurable good, and planning reliability also, ultimately, means budgeting reliability. So we hope you will forgive us that we remain true to our breeding in this regard, too.